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How do I join a channel?

As you browse the different Wander categories, you can see channels below them and enter. Tap the green plus plus icon on the top right to join!

Where are my channels?

Once you’re logged in to Wander, tap on the leftmost icon and scroll to ‘My Channels’.

What is a channel?

A channel is similar to a chat room or thread with a specific topic.

What’s the fastest way to get started?

With Facebook! Your account would skip the verification process and be easily verified.

How do I sign up as an official Wander member?

To sign up, you may use your Facebook account or email. You would need to verify by email if you signed up via email.

Why do you need access to my Facebook profile?

We require verification because we are built for people. We wanna know that there’s someone behind that screen :)

I don’t have Facebook

That’s okay! You can sign up with an email account. You would just need to verify it once you've signed up.

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The Story of Solo

Wanderland is a place where help is a gift shared by everyone. While it could be an object of various shapes and sizes, we would

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The Story of Starjoy

Wanderland is a place where inspiration is a way of life. Here, ideas roam bright and free like stars in the galaxy. Everyone admires one

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The Story of Peace

Wanderland is a place where competition does not exist. Everyone at Wanderland goes about their daily routines and neighbourly catch-ups with kindness and cooperation. The


New & Improved!

Hey there Wanderers! If you’ve been onto our app recently, things may look a little different. Yes, we’ve gone through a few changes, a little

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The Story of Wanderland

Before Wanderland, there was the Silent Plague…. The Silent Plague began with a piece of paper. One that should have never been passed around. Like

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Why 2018 is the Year to Wander

Happy 2018, people of the internet! As we move rapidly into the new year, we’ve created our resolutions and bought our new diaries. Some of